Homemade Gift #3

I’ve been MIA for the past few days due to trying to finish up Christmas. I can officially say I have 4 (FOUR) gifts left to buy and then I’ll be done. Hopefully that’ll be accomplished no later than Saturday!

Now, onto today gift. Today was Jeremy’s class Christmas party, so I made these adorable “treat cups” for all of the students in his class.

18 cups all ready to go!

18 cups all ready to go!

All of the supplies for the cups were bought at Wal-Mart.

In each cup there is:


  1. The cup itself ($.97 for a 4pk)
  2. Candy Cane ($.98 for 12pk)
  3. 4pcs assorted toostie roll candy (avg. $.25 for every 4pcs)
  4. Stencils ($.97 for a 6pk)
  5. Pencil ($.97 for a 12pk)
  6. Santa Ring ($1.97 for a 10pk)
  7. Eraser ($.97 for a 9pk)

The cups averaged out to a total cost of $.92 per cup!! How awesome is that?! And the kids (including my own) LOVED these!


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