7 days of fun with Candy Cane

So far our elf,  Candy Cane, has been with us for 7 {WhOlE} days!! She’s been a busy little elf, and done a great job of keeping the littles interested!! Each morning they wake up, the first thing they do is look to find her and she what she done over night! Here’s a recap of day’s 1-7:


  1. Her first morning, she introduced herself by bringing breakfast all the way from the NoRtH pOlE!!
  2. Then she brought back some snow {flour} from the North Pole & made a snow angel on our table.
  3. Today she was caught taking a snowball bath!!
  4. Then it was story time with her friends
  5. The little’s woke up to Candy Cane checking HER facebook!
  6. Uh-oh!! She helped the policeman catch the speeding racers!
  7. Today she had art time and made the little’s a picture!!

Keeping checking back to see what else she gets into!!


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